Borrow-A-Bike is OPEN beginning May 25th & 26th


Borrow-A-Bike began in 2009 and offers bike rentals of restored and maintained bikes for you to enjoy the bike trails for free! Nearly 70 donated bikes are available to take a spontaneous ride down the trail for a fun-filled, no-cost outing for the entire family! Visitors from around the world, including The Mayo Clinic patients and their families, enjoy these bike rentals every summer. Groups are welcome!

Bikes of all sizes, including tandems built for two, are available. Children may borrow bikes with the signed authorization of a parent or guardian. Individual cyclists 18 and older simply register by filling out a waiver, selecting a helmet, and checking out a bike.

What you’ll experience:
The Douglas Trail offers a pleasant 12.7-mile ride from Pine Island to Rochester on a recently widened and repaved surface. The trail does not parallel any major roads, so it’s the perfect ride for a peacefully quiet, rustic feel. Wide-open spaces offer a view of rolling cropland, farms, horses, cattle, and wooded areas. A canopy of trees is along much of the route, also makes the ride perfect for warm days. Several old railroad bridges offer pleasant views of the meandering Zumbro River. The main rest stop is Douglas, about mid-point along the trail. It offers picnic tables, restrooms, and a parking area. There are also several shelters, tables, and benches along other sections of the trail.

The trailhead for this ride is the Pine Island Trailhead City Park, which has water, bathrooms, a spacious playground, plenty of parking and room for picnicking. Food and refreshments are within two blocks on Main Street. Rochester on the south end of the trail has an additional 60 miles of recreational trails.

So what’s your excuse? Come to Pine Island to experience the trails!