Pine Island Cemetery

The Pine Island Cemetery Board is charged with oversight of the cemetery in two main areas. One is the legal and orderly burial and associated record keeping. The other is the maintenance and care of the grounds in a manner that is respectful to the patrons as well as attractive and inviting to the general public.

Current Board Members:

  • Doug Andrist - President (507-259-2910)
  • Jerry Kruse - Vice President
  • Ken DeBoer - Secretary
  • Galen Lohrenz - Grounds (507-421-3977)
  • Carle Murray
  • Bob Mapel
  • Brandi Veith Staloch - Council Representative


  • No private work is allowed in the cemetery without board approval and permission (digging grave or concrete work, etc.)
  • Two weeks after Memorial Day, all decorations and flowers not in approved stands or set in cement by cemetery personnel must be removed. All items not removed by that time will be removed from the cemetery without further notice.