City Code & Ordinances

The Pine Island City Code and Ordinances were reviewed and re-codified in 2009. For easier access files are in searchable PDFs.

 City Code

Chapter 01 General Provisions & Definitions Applicable to the Entire City Code
Chapter 02 Administration & General Government
Chapter 03 Municipal Utilities
Chapter 04 Construction Licensing
Chapter 05 Alcoholic Beverages Licensing & Regulation
Chapter 06 Other Business Regulation and Licensing
Chapter 07 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 08 Traffic Regulations
Chapter 09 Parking Regulations
Chapter 10 Public Protection, Crimes & Offenses
Chapter 11 Land Use Regulation (Zoning)
Chapter 11 Pine Island Zoning Map
Chapter 12 Subdivision Regulations (Platting)
Chapter 13 - 19 Reserved
Chapter 20 Listing of Uncoded Ordinances In Effect