Frequently Asked Questions

1. Empty fire extinguishers: The fire department does not refill or recharge fire extinguishers. For extinguisher services, contact local companies Clarey's or Fire Safety. 


2. Stuffed animals: The fire department accepts limited donations of stuffed animals for calls involving children. We prefer new toys. We will not accept damaged stuffed animals, or stuffed animals that have odors. 


3. Tours: The fire department provides tours to groups and clubs. To schedule a time please email


4. Filling swimming pools: The fire department does not provide services for filling swimming pools. This is due to liability reasons. 


5. Hall rental: the fire department is available on a limited basis for rental. We reserve the right to refuse hall rentals at any time. 


6. Daycare visits: Members of the fire department will conduct daycare visits throughout the year, and are contingent on firefighter availability. If you would like to schedule a visit, please email the department at


7. Reports: If you need a copy of an incident report, please email, or contact City Hall at 507.356.4591. A $5 service fee will be required for individual reports. 


8. In home safety checks: firefighters will offer individual home safety checks on specific occasions. This will include trip hazards, fire hazards, and fire safety checks. For information on scheduling an in home safety check, please call the fire department at 507.356.8905.


9. CRP burns: for information on CRP burns, or to request a scheduled burn, please email the fire department at, or call 507.356.8905. Burns are based on a priority and first come, first serve basis. 


10. Building burns: For information on requesting the fire department to conduct a controlled burn on a structure, call 507.356.8905, or email