Pine Island was given its name from the Native American term "Wa-zu-wee-ta," which translates to Isle of Pines. Located along the beautiful banks of the Zumbro River, we are an easy 15-minute drive north from Rochester and less than an hour south of the Twin Cities.

The first settlers came to Pine Island in 1854. In 1911 a group of small dairies built a prize-winning, world-record 6,000 pound cheese on a railroad flatcar. By 1920 there were 43 cheese plants in the surrounding area. Half of them formed the Minnesota Cheese Producers Association with a large plant in Pine Island. That plant and its adjoining Butter Factory were located across from Trailhead Park.

Today 3,700 and growing residents celebrate our heritage and find that opportunities for recreation and business here abound. We are "Working Together for a Better Tomorrow!